3 Mobile Accessories You Can Customize


Who doesn’t love their phone? We use our phones all day to call, look up a date, search for a location, surf the internet, and more. If you run a startup or a small company, using customized iPhone accessories to enhance your branding is the wisest thing you can do. The accessories discussed in this blog are timeless. It doesn’t matter if you have iPhone 12 or iPhone 50; these accessories will work in every day and age.

Phone Grips

Phone grip is a round knob that you can place at the back of your phone. It opens in a hinge style. This cellphone accessory has garnered a lot of attention in the past few years. Several brands, big and small, have invested in designing phone grip as their merchandise.

Because of their placement, phone grip can always be seen, whether you’re using your phone to watch a video or call someone. Over 35 million phone grip were sold in 2018 in the US, and the numbers have been increasing since.

Fun fact: McDonald’s introduced the phone grip on their online gift shop with a hidden secret sauce container, making it an excellent promotional activity for the fast-food chain. 

Cell Phone Wallets

What are the two essentials without which you can’t leave your home? For most people, it's their wallet and phone. How about combining both things so that you have fewer chances of forgetting one of the other. A cellphone wallet has been gaining popularity in the market for being a 2-in-1 cellphone accessory.

According to Consumer Report, cell phone theft has seen a decline in recent years. Therefore, getting a cellphone wallet, where your money is attached to your phone, will ensure that both your valuables will be safe.

We offer wallet customization so that you can customize your brand’s name, logo, or monogram on the body and stand out from the crowd, while marketing your brand in a sophisticated manner

Air Pods

We all love listening to our favorite songs. That’s where Air Pods come in. They help Android and iPhone users to listen to eclectic tunes. Do you know that you can protect your Airpods case and personalize too with a personalized Airpods case? From printed to engraved cases, there are different ways you can make your Air Pods stand out from the crowd.

Get Customized Monogrammed Wallet and Air Pods

Are you looking to get your Air Pods or wallet customized? Tykhee offers top-of-the-line personalized accessories. From engraved Apple watch bands and medical alert watch bands to AirPods and monogram logos for your phone case with wallets, we can do it all. Please check us out at www.tykhee.com . .


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