3 Reasons Why Investing in Custom Phone Grips a Good Idea


A phone grip is a plastic circle with a sticky adhesive on one end that clings onto the back of the phone or its case. These can then be pulled outward as an extension to offer a tighter grip on the device, making it more comfortable to hold on to. Here’s why you should be using a phone grip:

1. A Better Grip to Prevent Falls

Phone-xiety is a relatively new word that translates to the fear of dropping a phone and subsequently cracking its screen. Currently, one in three Americans has a cracked phone screen, while the other 52 percent remain worried about their phone’s safety throughout the day. Consequently, 151.8 million phones get trashed in America every single year.

Considering the average American drops their phone roughly four times a week, a phone grip can come in handy as it offers an additional grip. You can slide two of your fingers on either side of the accessory to comfortably hold your phone without worrying about dropping it down.

A personalized phone grip makes it more comfortable to hold onto a big smartphone

2. Acts as a Prop for Your Smartphone

A phone grip also supplements watching videos or video chatting on the smartphone. You can use it as a stand by extending the phone grip fully and leaning the device in landscape orientation.

3. Guarantees Picture Perfect Selfies

A phone grip is just what you need for taking selfies. Having a solid grip on the smartphone with just one hand makes it easier to reach the shutter button for clicking pictures at the desired angle.

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