Funny AirPods Engraving Ideas


When Apple introduced the AirPods in 2016, they took the world by storm as being wireless earphones. Their sleek design and no winded wires made them an attractive smartphone accessory.

While AirPods are available in white color, Apple offers the customers to get emoji and text engraved on the charging holder. This allows users to make their AirPods look distinct and unique from others.

Before you purchase the Air Pod, there’s an option on the website that allows you to get a customized engraving on the charging holder. It will make your device look cool.

The engravings are done with 22 characters on Air Pod pro and 14 characters on Air Pod. The engravings are done using laser technology, making them permanent.

A person taking our AirPods from the case

Get your engraved Apple Air Pod

Engraving AirPods is easy, and you can get it done for free. Before you’re buying the AirPods, you can click on the ‘personalize it’ option and get it customized free of cost. However, you must remember that you can’t personalize the AirPods from the Apple store once you’ve bought them. This is where we come to it.

It doesn’t matter what model or color your AirPods are in; we will personalize the AirPods as per your style and aesthetic at affordable costs.

Now that you’ve decided to get your AirPods engraved, you must look for engraving ideas for your AirPods. Humor is essential to living a happy life, and what’s better than engraving your AirPods in humorous quotes and phrases? They’ll add depth to your personality and make you stand out from the crown.

Funny AirPods Engraving Ideas

  • No Engraving, Thanks!
  • Property of <Name>
  • iBelong to <Name>
  • Boom boom in my ears
  • Ear Infection. Wouldn’t want to steal these.
  • Fake AirPods
  • Dog Chew Toy
  • I’m really rich
  • No strings attached
  • uWu
  • "Stuck in iPod factory, please send help!"
  • Stay hungry. Stay foolish."
  • Hey! Listen!

Get Custom Apple AirPods Case 

tifanny airpods

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