Personalizing Your Apple Watch: All You Need to Know


Do you know that you can personalize your Apple watch? Since its inception in 2015, the Apple Watch has become a crucial part of the Apple ecosystem. It doesn’t matter what series your watch belongs to—all of them offer different software and hardware options that provide you with added convenience and functionality.

From the apps, glances, and notifications to passwords and watch straps, you can customize everything on your Apple watch. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Customizing Apple Watch Apps

Here’s how you can customize the apps on your Apple Watch:

  • Go to the My Watch screen on your phone.
  • Scroll past the built-in apps and select the applications you’d like to display on the watch. You must remove the apps that have limited functionality in the watch.
  • You can also go to the General section and select whether you want the iPhone apps on your watch or not. You can also control the app arrangement on your Apple watch through your iPhone.
  • The best arrangement is where the frequently used apps are placed in the middle, so you from looking around for them.

Pro tip: Please note that you can also add third-party iPhone apps to your Apple watch. However, please be mindful that you don’t clutter the screen with apps.

 Apple Watch

Notification Customization

Your Apple watch can be flooded with notifications related to apps and the watch, and no one wants to waste time sifting through tons of notifications. But you can easily customize notifications and ensure longer battery life.

To stop app notifications, you go to the notification tab of the watch. You can check out the third-party app list and select which app can generate notifications.

Personalize The Look

It doesn’t matter how much you personalize your watch’s operating system. Until you transform the look and feel of the watch, your Apple Watch won’t look your own. There are different personalization options available, from printed watch straps to engraved ones.

Get Custom Apple Watch Band

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