Should You Upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7?


Did you know that in 2019 the highest rate of e-waste was reported globally? It’s because customers are always on the grind to switch to upgraded technology and there’s no end to this cycle.

Although the new Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t have the game-changing health feature like the series 4, it has an upgraded SiP processor that’s bigger with improved durability.

Moreover, it’s the first Apple Watch that has an IP6X certification, 18-hour battery life, and charges 33% quicker.

Even with its big screen and improved productivity, is it worth paying $120 or more than its predecessors? Let’s find out!

Price and Design

When it comes to pricing, Apple Watch Series 7 costs the most with a price tag of $399, while the previous watches are worth around $200-$280.

However, the price varies with upgrades in cellular connectivity, sizing, and materials. Watch SE and Series 3 are available in only aluminum, while Series 7 comes in stainless steel, which is shinier and more resilient.

Besides the material difference, they also have different case sizes. For instance, 41mm and 45mm for the Series 7, 44mm and 42mm and 38mm for the Series, and 340mm for the SE.

 A woman holding an Apple Watch with a personalized Apple Watch strap 42 mm

Display Size

The most enhanced and talked-about feature of the Apple Watch Series 7 is its display size. If you’re a senior citizen or have weak eyesight and face any difficulties reading text from the small smartwatch screen, the Series 7 screen size is ideal for you.

It has a 20% wider screen area and a slimmer device as compared to the SE. Moreover, it offers 50% increased text space in comparison to Series 6 that reduces scrolling time while reading long texts or emails.

Besides that, it includes a QWERTY keyboard that supports a swipe option, taps, and predicts words for easier communication and navigation.

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