Why Custom Wireless Phone Chargers Are Awesome


Wireless charging is a technology that has been around for quite some time. However, it has yet to be fully adopted by the general public. This could be partly due to the variety of standards currently available on the market. With such a wide range of wireless charging technologies presently available, it can be difficult for consumers to determine which type of charger is best for their needs.

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There are many reasons to love custom wireless phone chargers. For starters, they’re incredibly convenient. With no cords or cables required, all you have to do is set your phone down on the charger, and it will start charging. This makes it easy to keep your phone charged up no matter where you are. Custom wireless phone chargers also look great and add a touch of style to any room. Plus, they’re perfect for travel—just toss one in your bag, and you’re good to go.

This blog post will help you learn why custom wireless phone chargers are awesome.

1. Convenience

Custom wireless phone chargers are incredibly convenient. They allow you to charge your phone without having to plug it into a wall outlet or USB port. Instead, you just need to place your phone on the charging pad.

There are a few different types of wireless phone chargers on the market. The two most popular are inductive chargers and Qi chargers.

Inductive chargers use an electromagnetic field to transfer energy from the charger to the phone. Qi (pronounced “chee”) chargers use magnetic resonance to send energy from the charger to the phone.

2. Style

Custom photo wireless chargers add a touch of style to your personality. Wireless charging eliminates the need for traditional charging cables, which can take up valuable space. Simply place your Qi-enabled device on the wireless charging pad to start charging. Choose from a range of colors and designs to find the perfect wireless phone charger for your home or office.

3. Versatility

Wireless phone chargers can be used with various devices, including the iPhone 8 and up, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and up, and the Google Nexus 6P and up. They are also compatible with most cases, so you don’t have to remove your phone case before charging.

4. Rotation

With a personalized wireless charger, you can easily rotate your device to landscape or portrait mode. This is perfect for watching videos or surfing the web. This enables you to use your phone in whichever way you prefer without worrying about finding an outlet.

A wireless charger with iPhone and iPad.

Custom wireless phone chargers are a great way to show your personality and style. They are also a great way to show your support for a team or organization. Shop at HIP AVEnue for our wide selection of personalized wireless chargers, custom phone grips, and personalized Apple Watch bands.

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