Who We Are and What We Believe In?

HIP AVEnue is a specialty curated marketplace for personalized home and office tech accessories. Customers have the chance to create the perfect personalized gift for their loved ones, co-workers, or their self.

Our vision is to utilize our custom design, industrial printing and engraving services to help cultivate a world where people can express their passions and individuality openly.

At HIP AVEnue, we understand the importance of art and individuality. Whether it is an artist customizing his phone case with their latest masterpiece, or someone personalizing accessories to support a cause, we know it’s unique and has the power of eternalizing your feelings as if they’re frozen in time.
We believe that everyone is unique in their own way, and we should embrace our individualism. We believe everyone should be able to express what they believe in or who they support without any fear or retribution. We all are different and that's what makes us human and powerful. 


Our history

Like many great American companies, we had our humble start in garage in the Silicon Valley and were founded by a married tech couple. We started in 2017 with an Etsy store named Tykhee with laser engraved leather watch bands. We introduced color engraved silicone bands in 2018 and started expanding to other marketplace platforms like Jane, Amazon, and more. In 2020 we made a cross country move to Orlando, FL to fuel further growth and significantly expand our footprint. We also introduced many more product lines and launched state of the art website. As a part of the new website launch, we rebranded to HIP AVEnue and as a curated marketplace. As of Feb 2022, we had over 150,000 customers worldwide and got over 15,000 online reviews. We feel we are just getting started and are very excited for what's coming.


Building Efficiency Into Our Processes

But it’s not just art and creativity that makes us thrive. It’s our entire function and design. Our facility works like a well-oiled machine that goes beyond just creating customized accessories and tech items. We play a role in someone’s life or friendship, and that is something we will always be so proud of.

We love to put our time and effort into creating things our customers would cherish. Our team is made of passionate people committed to delivering quality service and top-notch customer satisfaction. 

Our custom design, industrial printing and engraving services help us believe in a world where people choose to express themselves openly so they can be who they are.

This is exactly why HIP AVEnue distinguishes itself with premium quality, affordable products, fast delivery, a user-friendly website, and excellent customer service! Every product will be delivered on time in safe and secure packaging to protect your little goodies!


Gift Giving Was Never This Easy!

Choosing a gift for your loved one, friend, family, or co-worker can be a pretty challenging task. Personalized accessories with HIP AVEnue will allow you to give gifts your loved ones will cherish.

If you have a special someone in your life, they deserve to have a special gift from you. At HIP AVEnue, you have the chance to create the perfect personalized gift for your loved ones, something they are going to hold dear forever.

With over 500 gifts and products to choose from, you can find a perfect gift to customize for any occasion and for every person in your life – even if that person is YOU!

We pride ourselves on having the chance of being part of our client’s special moments. Whether it’s you browsing for yourself or your friends, we ensure to customize accessories as per your liking.

You can easily personalize any product on this website with your choice of color, print, or text in just a few simple steps. With everything from Apple Watch Bands, Fitbit Watch Bands, iPhone 12 Pro Covers to Phone Grips & Necklaces, we have something for everyone!


Our Values:


We Satisfy and Delight Our Customers


We Are Results Oriented 


We Are Constantly Innovating and Setting Higher Standards 


We Make Fun and Friendly Workplace Where Teamwork Rules


We Are Socially Responsible

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